Bridging Worlds
Between the Cosmic & Earthly
Traditional & Modern

Are you wanting to access your innate POWER
in your reproductive health, pregnancy or birth?

Welcome! You were led here by your desire for something deeper.

You seek a more connected, holistic guide to assist you through your transformation.

Expand your innate knowledge and confidence and fully OWN your experience.

I support you to trust in your inner knowing.
 To reconnect with your power to heal your body and birth your baby.

I’m Sarah, a global travelling midwife living a life of service to reclaiming midwifery as the holistic healing art that it has been throughout history. Traditionally midwives have been seen as pillars of communities, guiding women and families along their reproductive, health and healing journeys. Supporting women with the use of plants, nutrition, body work and spiritual guidance along their reproductive lives, through menstruation, reproductive health challenges, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. I am dedicated to reconnecting with ancient women’s wisdom and providing truely holistic care to women and families.

Together we prepare for YOUR journey and curate an individualised, holistic approach for your reproductive healing and mothering. I see you as the expert of your body and its needs. I am here to guide you back to yourself.

If your vision aligns with ours, connect with us now

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Connect with and heal your womb
Support your body in its reproductive healing

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