I am so excited to finally release this platform for you all! This has been a process of love, passion, tears and hard work.
It all started nearly 7 years ago when I felt the call of birth work. My decision to study midwifery at the time seemed very spontaneous and was a totally new direction from managing bars, art and business studies (although a lot of transferable skills!)

Throughout this journey I have discovered that it was in fact not random as I was guided here by the very real and powerful energies, of women who have been on this path of holistic midwifery before me. The journey has transformed me as a woman, much like birth itself. It has shown me why supporting a women/birthing person to have a positive birth experience is so important and why it’s imperative to fight for their rights to do so.

It’s made me a feminist, an activist, a researcher and has given me the skills to honour and hold sacred space. I feel very privileged to be witness to something so sacred and to support women/birthing people to fully own their power. If you are feeling called to work with us, have a look over some of the services we are offering. If want you want isn’t listed, connect with us so we can work something out.

We’ve created this site with knowledge sharing in mind, so check out our comprehensive resource page for our top recommended books, Instagram pages, documentaries and more.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey and knowledge with you. Add your email below to be alerted when we share new posts, because we have some informative content coming!

I believe we can change the world through how we give birth and what better time to start doing that then now!

Much Love,


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