Yoni Bath


A pregnancy and postpartum healing essential to make a soothing perineal bathroom wash or sitz bath soak for the postpartum mother. Created intentionally with comfrey, plantain, yarrow, calendula and rosemary and contained in a convenient unbleached, natural fibre tea bag.

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Yoni baths are an ancient healing modality for postpartum mothers and are particularly supportive for vaginal birth healing. This blend has been created to prevent infection of perineal tears, reduce swelling, soothe vaginal varicosities, haemorrhoids and address symptoms of thrush/candida. Comfrey is antibacterial and moistens, heals and soothes the skin. Plantain reduces swelling, itching and bacterial growth. Yarrow contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps to stop bleeding and promote fastened healing. Calendula promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and rosemary prevents infection and lifts ones mood.
Can be safely used as a sitz bath during pregnancy or postpartum.

Directions: Use 1x bag daily, recommended to bathe for the first 2 weeks after birth.

Net weight: 7 bags.

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7 bags

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