Womb Healing


A holistic bundle to fully replenish and nourish your womb with plants, steams and oils during your healing
journey. Includes Clearing Oil, Yoni Steam, Castor Oil Pack and Organic Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.


These four beautiful products within this bundle provide a holistic approach to ones womb healing needs.
It is perfect for improving aspects of your womb health or to maintain your overall wellbeing. Clear negative energy and warm your womb with our powerful copal infused clearing oil. Tone, cleanse and heal your womb space with our herbal yoni steam which assists in moving blood stagnation, correcting bacterial imbalances and relieving inflammation. Reduce pain, ovarian cysts and scar tissue with our infused castor oil pack and support your menstrual cycle, vitamin levels and hormones with our nutrient rich nettle and red raspberry leaf tea.

Clearing Oil
Yoni Steam
Castor Oil Pack
Organic Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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