Soften Oil


A deeply nourishing sun infused elixir to help women soften emotional or physical scar tissue. Infused with
sunshine, vitamin E, lavender and frankincense.


This golden sunshine infused elixir strengthens the skin from the inside out to relieve the appearance and discomfort of scar and skin imbalances. It is liquid gold for women wanting to soften postpartum scaring, of which when neglected can become rigid and affect organ function and future pregnancy and birthing. If you experience painful intercourse, pulling sensation or urinary symptoms after a cesarean section this can indicate the need to support your scar.

Our sacred soften elixir contains certified organic ingredients of castor oil, vitamin E, lavender and frankincense essential oils.
Castor oil carries powerful properties that break down, soften and smooth scar tissue which promotes tissue motility and lymphatic function.
Vitamin E helps to nourish the skin and lavender and frankincense help to reduce the appearance of scars or skin damage.
This tried and tested blend is light and sensitive enough to be used on intimate areas for perineal scar support. It is also great for hormonal acne scarring or after laparoscopy proceeds for those with

Directions: Gentle enough to be applied to your face, intimate perineal scar or cesarean scar. Apply a small amount of oil twice daily (after bathing) to achieve best results. Rub intentionally into affected areas in a clockwise circular motion.
Do not apply on would until completely healed.

First 5 orders receive a free sample size soften yoni
steam/sitz bath blend.

Net weight: 50grms

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