Release Oil 50ml


A delicious limited edition rue infused macadamia oil to release that which no longer serves you from your womb space.

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This buttery delicious limited addition Rue infused macadamia oil was alchemised during our time in sacred Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Rue is a powerful energy clearing plant that has long been used to support pregnancy release. It also helps to relieve anxiety and calm nerves. This oil would be a sacred womb companion for any women going through the process of releasing a pregnancy, early birth or trauma from her womb space. It can also be used to foster connection to ones womb and heart during a bleed or to encourage a delayed bleed to come.

Directions: Massage a small amount into your womb with a clockwise motion or place a small dot on your skin for energetic protection throughout the day.

Not for use during pregnancy or after ovulation if trying to conceive.

Net weight: 50ml

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