Pregnancy & Postpartum

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A holistic bundle to fully meet a mothers pregnancy and postpartum healing needs. Includes Welcome Oil,
Yoni Bath, Red Raspberry Leaf & Nettle Tea and Postpartum Steam.


This is the golden bundle for a pregnant or postpartum mother. The four beautiful products individually and collectively provide a holistic approach to supporting a pregnant or postpartum mother. Welcome oil can be used from 37 weeks for a mother to connect with and welcome her baby. Yoni baths can address thrush/candida, haemorrhoids and vulva varicosities which are common for women during pregnancy. They are soothing and aid healing after vaginal birth.

Nettle and red raspberry leaf tea can be drank at any time during your pregnancy and postpartum to increase a woman’s vitamin and mineral intake, prepare her for labour and prevent haemorrhage by toning the uterus. Postpartum yoni steaming further supports toning after birth and the healing of pelvic tissues, organs and scars.

Welcome Oil
Yoni Bath
Organic Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
PostPartum Steam

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