Postpartum Steam 50grms


A hand blended yoni steam abundant in healing herbs to cleanse, heal and protect the sacred vessel of the
postpartum mother. Intentionally made with plantain, comfrey, chickweed, calendula, comfrey, motherwort, yarrow and lavender.

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Yoni steaming is an age old practice used by women worldwide to cleanse the vagina and uterus, ease period cramps and bloating and regulate menstruation. Yoni steams are used for postpartum healing as they help to clear lochia from the uterus, tone tissues, avoid organ prolapse infection and heal tissue damage. Our blend supports deep wisdom and care for all women but in particular the postpartum mother.

Our blend contains plantain, comfrey, chickweed, calendula, comfrey, motherwort, yarrow and lavender. Plantain and comfrey are both anti-inflammatories that accelerate wound and womb healing. Motherwart is a tonic herb that balances energy and the nervous system and prevents the onset of postpartum shock. Yarrow, calendula and lavender helps to calm the body, mind and skin. These healing herbs are combined to mother the mother after birth, including after a caesarean birth. If you happen to have a cesarean you can still use this plant blend to make a wound healing wash or herbal bath, thoroughly pat down and air dry wound after washing.

Directions: Steam prior and post period but not whilst bleeding as it can increase blood loss. Use during postpartum to help repair and ease the discomfort of a torn perineum or episiotomy and prevent infection or prolapse. If you have particularly painful or deep perineal tearing steam daily or every second day starting the third day after birth.

Net weight: 50grms

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