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Given the overwhelming demand and limited availability, these fajas sell out quickly and are difficult to restock. Make sure you Pre-order yours today before we bring back the next limited stock from Guatemala, directly collecting them from the house of the weaver in remote Guatemala to post directly to you to enjoy.

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)


Now is your chance to PRE-ORDER your own handwoven Maya faja. Shipping end of September!

Each faja is intricately and individually hand crafted over 3 days with specific patterns and colours that embody various energies and stories from the Maya culture. The primary use of colour is often red, symbolising the shared unity in the colour of our blood, irrespective of our diverse backgrounds.

The versatility of the faja:

  • Provides you both energetic and physical support whilst performing bodywork or energetic practices
  • Supports your womb after massage, during menstruation, or when applying castor oil packs
  • Extremely supportive for those women who experience painful bleeds or ovulation, have PCOS or endometriosis
  • Reduce air in the abdomen
  • Energetically grounding

Those who’ve experienced these fajas understand their unique weave and unmatched quality. Doña Dominga and her family hold such a high standard in this traditional hand woven, back strap style of weaving. 

Since having integrated the faja into my own practice for the past 2 1/2 years, it has revolutionised the way I support my body and energies in this cosmic work. Its comfort and support are unparalleled, a true reciprocal gift in my devotion to serving mothers.

Read more of the use of the faja and weaving process on your blog. 



Dimensions: 19cm wide, 2.22m long

This sizing is appropriate for personal use outside pregnancy, to support you when providing body work, whilst bleeding or for binding non-pregnant clients after receiving womb and abdominal massage.

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