Clearing Oil


A magical clearing oil to encourage womb connection, ease menstrual pain, support reproductive health and
welcome conscious conception. Infused with the warming and cleansing qualities of copal, ginger and cinnamon.

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This unique and powerful copal infused oil contains Maya midwife magic. The Mayan midwives grow and process the copal on their home property in Guatemala in a ceremonial way and offer it as a space and energy clearer during fire ceremonies. The oils warming and clearing properties help to cleanse the mind, stagnant energy and past memories from the womb space.

Together with ginger and cinnamon this warming blend promotes blood flow which supports reproductive organ function and healing. It is the perfect companion for any body worker or woman wanting to promote clearing and connection within her own womb and will offer a warmth and nourishment that lingers behind with its woody, clean and calm scent.

Directions: Use to support overall reproductive health, welcome conscious conception or ease menstrual discomfort.
Only requires a small amount to be massage on to womb and supporting muscles and ligaments. We encourage applying a faja afterwards. Appropriate at any time during your cycle or pregnancy.

Net weight: 30ml

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