Clearing Balm 240ml


A hand crafted energy clearing balm made with love to reconnect women to their bodies and centre. With the powerful calming and clearing properties of copal, ginger, cinnamon and lavender this balm is ideal for womb work.

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This balm is intentionally crafted with wild harvested Mexican arnica in macadamia oil and sweet almond oil, lavender, ginger, cinnamon and copal. The relaxing nature of lavender mixes with the stimulating and warming effects of ginger and cinnamon to create a warmth and nourishment that lingers with its woody, clean and calm scent. The perfect companion for a body worker and ally for any woman wanting to promote clearing and connection within her own womb.
The clearing balm is suspended in bees wax which creates the perfect slip/grip consistency for body work. With the powerful energy clearing properties of copal it is ideal for womb work and can help to release unsupportive memories, energy, trauma. Our copal is ethically and ritualistically harvested and processed by a family of Mayan midwives in rural Guatemala who honour the tree resin as a powerful energy clearer. This balm is perfect for releasing past memories, trauma and pain whilst welcoming warmth and healing into the womb.

Directions: If applying yourself intentionally self massage the balm clockwise into your skin whilst you envision the connecting and healing with your womb.

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