Calendula skin soothing Balm


A deliciously rich and soothing balm for the skins of mothers and babies. This beautiful calendula balm is infused for months in sweet organic almond oil and sunshine.


This nourishing balm is hand blended to help sooth the skin of the mother and baby. It is the perfect natural prevention and solution for cracked nipples, nappy rash, eczema and baby skin conditions and can also be used as a belly oil for reducing stretch marks or as a baby massage cream to encourage sleep and relaxation.
Calendula is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal herb which when infused as an oil becomes a nourishing and soothing balm. It is safe and suitable for sensitive or irritated skin such a baby’s face that is agitated from saliva or dried
out from windy cold weather.
Our balm is infused for months in organic almond oil with lavender and bees wax. The lavender helps to reduce pain and redness whilst encouraging relaxation, calm and connection between mother and child. Our ethical sourced bees wax helps to hydrate, condition and soothe whilst relieving itching and promoting skin regeneration. It is sourced from a local Maya bee collective in Guatemala which is working to repopulate the area of native bees.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the area of focus and massage gently into skin. This balm can also be rubbed onto babies chest to promote relaxation and rest.
For nappy rash put a small coating over the agitated skin and allow to air
whilst having some bum in the sun time.
Always test patch on babies first.

Net weight: 240ml, 30ml

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240ml, 30ml

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