Authentic Maya Fajas

Muchas Gracias. Thank you for your interest in authentic Maya Fajas.
Through investing in these traditional fajas you are directly supporting the continuation of a deeply intentional, traditional art form. Doña Dominga is a Maya midwife and internationally renowned traditional weaver. She has been weaving for almost 60 years. Weaving is her life and she is so grateful to be able to create weavings which are used to support women around the world.
Along with the support of the women in her family, she continues to use the traditional back strap style of weaving which creates this very intentional, therapeutic fabric.

Each faja is woven by hand, thread by thread and a postpartum size faja takes 7 days to make. The quality is unmatched, and due to the style of weaving creates a faja which is not too thick, but supportive and holds in place perfectly. I’ve yet to come across anything remotely similar.
Each colour is chosen very intentionally to infuse the energy of that colour to the woman to support her during birth and postpartum healing.

Every colour is intentionally chosen to infuse specific energies that assist women during childbirth and postpartum healing. Red signifies replenishing lost blood during birth, while deeper red supports women who’ve experienced a haemorrhage. Blue represents waters and veins, green and purple connect with natural energies, black symbolises night, yellow embodies the fluids of birth and violet assists in easing labor pain.

The belly button is considered an energetic portal in many cultures, including the Maya worldview. It is a portal in which energy can be lost or absorbed. It is essential to always have the belly button covered, particularly during pregnancy to protect the energy of the growing baby. The faja is used to provide this energetic protection and is the perfect ally when providing support in big energetic spaces like birth and postpartum, ceremony and bodywork.
The normal size faja is used for personal energetic support, to support your womb during your bleed or when experiencing pain, importantly after any abdominal massage or bodywork, securing a castor oil pack, whilst travelling, physical support during strenuous tasks, post abdominal surgery or to relieve bloating.
The larger postpartum size is worn during pregnancy to relieve pain and discomfort in the back and pelvis, to support the proper positioning of the baby, to lift the weight of the baby aiding in the relief of swelling and varicosities. It is traditionally applied after 8cm of dilation during labour and during the postpartum period to provide warmth to the womb and hold it in the correct position after massage to avoid prolapse.

These therapeutic fajas each have their own individual colour and pattern, no two are the same. Each one is infused of the energies and stories of the woman who has woven it. The journey these fajas take to get to you is a special one. With no post in the local community where they are made, I travel to go to the house of Doña Dominga to collect them and bring them back to Australia. This has allowed me the most beautiful and connected interactions with Doña Dominga. Listening to her stories and explanations of the weaving process, but mostly, directly feeling the immense amount of love and gratitude she has for being supported in doing what she loves in a way that provides for her family and continues a tradition, plus so many heartfelt hugs.

So I thank you for your interest in investing in a traditional art form and one that supports the wellbeing of women through multiple facets. Your faja will be something you treasure throughout your life and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
To secure one of a limited number of fajas, follow the link here.

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